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At Amelia’s you will find a variety of handcrafted dance shoes and the latest dance shoe fashions. We offer Supadance, International, Dance Naturals, Werner Kern, Elegance, Very Fine and Aris Allen brands at this stage. More new brands are forthcoming. Whether you are a Beginner or Professional dancer, Amelia’s has dance shoes for every budget. Online Shopping is available for all products that we offer. We are continuously seeking ways of improving and ensuring a quality service. Below are some of our featured brands, click the image to shop.

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Amelia’s has a store in Fort Worth, Texas. We have customers from Forth Worth, Dallas and other DFW locations. We strive to offer unique, fashionable, quality dance shoes at affordable prices while providing the best customer service possible.

Phone: 817.925.1795

716 Grove Street

Fort Worth, TX 76102


Thursday/Friday: Noon to 6 PM

Saturday: 11 AM to 4 PM

You can order online, email order, or call Amelia's to place your order. You can download an order form or we'll be happy to email one to you. Call for pricing, sizes and availability. Domestic Shipping Charges are $12 and International Shipping Charges are $22.

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